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Land use in urban areas

Year 10:

So, we have started the Settlement unit of your course. Throughout the course you will need to have an understanding of:

– how settlements develop over time,

– the different ways that land is used,

– how urban areas develop and what patterns there are,

– and how settlements + urban areas compare between MEDCs and LEDCs.

The powerpoints are below, please make sure you are up-to-date and use these to keep up with classwork.


Thanks to Mr Rogers for his powerpoint.


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Managing Floods

Here is the ppt to today’s lesson. Brief info on river flood defences and management. Remember you need to be doing your own research to back this up, use the textbooks, use BBC Bitesize and other online revision tools.

You need to know different management schemes, hard vs soft engineering, and and MEDC and LEDC case study (should be River Derwent/River Severn in England/River Mississippi in USA for MEDC case study, and River Limpopo/Zambesi in Mozambique for LEDC case study.)

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Powerpoint on hydrographs and causes of floods.

Remember, you will need to be able to get information from a hydrograph in the exam, e.g. how long is the lag time? What is peak discharge? How does the shape of a hydrograph change? If the curve of a hydrograph is steep what does that mean? etc.

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Firstly, I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

Well, Priory is shut because of the snow! I know this is hugely exciting and hope you are all enjoying the snow and not breaking your limbs sliding over on ice.

As lovely as the snow is, it’s really important for you in Year 10 to keep yourselves working. There is plenty of information on here for you, and you all have your Christmas catch-up work that needs to have been completed. By now you should have all done that and be ready to look at floods and managing rivers when we get started again.

There will be an exam next week on rivers and coasts so get revising. You can also be using BBC Bitesize and looking for other revision games online.

So, stay safe, enjoy the snow…and if you build any amazing snowmen/snow statues/etc then email them!

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Year 10 Stages of the River

The PPTs from this week’s lessons.

Remember, you need to be able to describe the three stages and be able to comment on the landforms to be found at each stage.

Examiners might ask you to identify landforms from a map, and to describe and explain the formation of these landforms.

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Rivers + the Hydrological Cycle

Here’s the introduction to the Rivers unit. Remember, we need to zip through this unit quickly so any extra reading you can do at home/online will benefit you. Especially learning keywords and case studies.

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Year 10, here are the powerpoints from the lesson to help with your Happisburgh essay. Remember, you can come and join a workshop after school or see me at any time. Any questions, email jdebens@priory.portsmouth.sch.uk .

A good essay structure would be to:

Introduce the essay.
Explain the option you have chosen and why, how did it score on the cost-benefit analysis.
What are the benefits and costs of your option.
Why did you not choose the other options?
Would you choose any other scheme even if it scored lower on the cost-benefit table?
Is the cost-benefit analysis a good way of choosing a scheme or could it be improved?
Final conclusion: why option you think is ultimately best, why and how it could be improved.

All this in 500 words! Not much! Good luck.

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