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Why not make your controlled assessment stand out a little bit from the rest? Take your research a step further and consider comparing to another stretch of coastline. After all, the topic is ‘How distinctive is your coast?’ and to answer this it would make sense to compare the processes, landforms, land use and management of different coasts in order to make a decision. You know it makes sense.

Below are some links for those of you who are feeling adventurous. They are for a stretch of coastline at Reculver, in Kent. This area of coast is bordered by the North Sea and exposed to high rates of erosion – typically up to 2metres a year. The geology is soft, low resistant rock – particularly Sandstone & Clay – which is lying on top of Chalk. This mix is structurally weak since the less resistant rock is prone to slumping and saturation, and so slides over the more resistant chalk – like a gooey cake collapsing. The area is also a SSSI, just like Hengistbury Head. Reculver is part of a country park, just like Hengistbury. It is famous for having historic towers and has been an ancient site since Roman times – just like H.H. was also a historic fort on the headland.

What you might start to be realising is that perhaps H.H. and Reculver in themselves are not naturally distinctive. Geomorphic processes might be very similar. Longshore drift and erosion occurs at both. Landforms are similar – both areas have headlands and suffer cliff clumping.  Hengistbury Head does have Mudeford Spit which is different, but spits are not that unusual. So perhaps what is distinctive about these places is how humans have used and altered them? Perhaps land use is distinctive. Both areas have tourism but maybe for different reasons. Both are protected as SSSI, perhaps for different reasons. Maybe it is how people think and feel about a place that makes it distinctive?

These are questions to maybe consider and research more yourself. I can tell you one distinctive feature for Reculver though….it is where my parents got engaged. So who knows, perhaps without Reculver I would not even exist – and then where would you be?!!! :-p

Flickr – slideshow of images

Fotobabblerecap on coastal processes

Photosynth – 360 panoramas at Reculver

Google Earth tour – distinctive coastlines  (find link in the presentation)

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