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Part of the population unit considers the movement of people to live or work – aka migration. You need to be able to define types of migration, consider push and pull factors, evaluate the positive and negative views on the impacts of migration (both on the host country and the country of origin), and explain how migration might be managed. We look at examples of internal migration (e.g. rural-to-urban) and international migration.


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You need to be able to draw conclusions about populations: consider what overpopulation is, how it links to resources, economic development and sustainability. Then consider how this can be managed. Form an opinion, balance the views, consider the evidence, then state the pros and cons.

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Below are the resources from the lessons on Population change over time. This includes the Demographic Transition Model, population pyramids, reasons for changes, and possible impacts of changes.

Remember to draw links between the Population, Settlement and Economic Development units to make the most of your answers. e.g. how does the level of economic development (MEDC/NIC/LEDC etc) effect population structure and change over time? How does population change effect the economy?

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Here are the bits from the revision lessons so far, and the checklists you need.

Remember, you need to be confident with these topics:

– Settlement (not Population) (changes over time, urban areas, land use, retail)

– Economic Development (trade, aid, industry, development, etc.)

– Hazards (tectonic or climatic, tectonic questions are usually better in the exam but check both)


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