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Hengistbury Head fun

Well here we go! It’s nearly time for me to leave you Year 11, and I just know that you will do so well in the summer. It’s been a total pleasure teaching you, and I will really miss you. I can’t wait to hear how brilliantly you all do on results day and will be keeping an eye on you from Kent, and sending the odd email to check you are still being fab 🙂

So, here are your revision materials! Keep yourself organised. Nibble away at the revision. Have a clear plan and stick to it. Take breaks, eat well, sleep, get fresh air. Try not to just sit and cram as you will stress. If you feel nothing is going in, then take a minute to step away, breathe in and out or sing a song or get some air in the garden then crack back on.

Remember the two exams are very different structure, and test different skills. Ensure you revise the right bits! There are loads of past papers in the OneDrive documents http://1drv.ms/1MMaJD0 here.

SDME Exam 24th May 2016 – Rivers & Coasts. It is most likely to focus on flooding and flood management, or coastal erosion and coastal management. But it could be both, so learn both.

Key Themes 8th June 2016 – Natural hazards, Population and Settlement, Economic Development. Case study focus.

So be good, be happy, be successful, and be the awesome geographers I know you are. Miss D 🙂



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Year 11 – this could be useful for exam questions on how human activity can affect the impact of a hazard.

Think about: Planning, Prediction, Preparation.

Compare the opportunities available for MEDCs vs LEDCs and why the impacts differ.

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Last hazard type!


Climatic hazards includes tropical storms (aka hurricanes / cyclones) and droughts.


Again, make sure you know LEDC and MEDC examples.





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Here are the files on Tectonic hazards and their case studies.


You should be able to compare and contrast the impacts of and responses to the hazard between LEDCs and MEDCs and be able to explain the reasons for this.






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The final unit! Remember, you need to know tectonic and climatic hazards although you may be able to just focus on one type in the exam (you will have a choice, but it is sometimes safer to know both).

For this unit you need to know:

– causes of the hazard

– primary & secondary effects of the hazard

– how hazards can be managed

– how the impact & management of hazards compares between LEDCs and MEDCs

Types of hazards you should know:

Tectonic: Earthquakes (Haiti and Japan) & Volcanoes (Iceland and Montserrat)

Climatic: Tropical storms (Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Nargis) & Droughts (Australia and Sahel)

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