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Just a reminder that there are resources on this blog to help with your Controlled Assessment. First up is perfecting the introduction or ‘Setting the Scene’.

This is the first impression you give to myself and the examiner about how good a geographer you are. It is important to write in a formal future tense – of what you are going to do. You are not answering the question here, you are introducing the project and what will be done. It is essential that you include links to theory in here, e.g. longshore drift, how geology can influence a coast, what geomorphology is, what geology means, what distinctive means, how waves work and the difference between destructive and constructive waves, why coastal management is used and how it can influence. You are basically saying to the examiner ‘look, I don’t know the answers yet but this is what I already think based on my knowledge of coasts already’. It is what sets you apart from non-geographers. Anyone can say ‘this is a beach, it has different types of material, it has a cliff’ – the GCSE Genius Geographer (all of you!) will say ‘I expect to see a beach that has been formed by constructive waves and longshore drift, this is when…………….’ .

The powerpoint from the lesson is here:

And from the first lesson:

Don’t forget you can email me at any point, and attend workshop on Mondays for help.


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Year 10 – your controlled assessment resources are on here to refer to. I’ll add more in as we get through.

Remember the topic: “To what extent is geology the main influence on the distinctive coastal landforms of Hengistbury Head?”

You can argue that geology is or is not the main influence – ‘to what extent’ means ‘how much’, so you need to evaluate the influence of geology.

First you need to define ‘distinctive’. Then you need to decide what landforms are distinctive at Hengistbury Head. then you can evaluate what has had an influence on these landforms.

Consider: What coastal landforms are there? Are they distinctive? How does geology have an impact? What other influences are there? What coastal processes are involved? How do they influence the landforms? What is the impact of people? Is there evidence of coastal management and how does this effect the landforms?




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Below are files useful for Year 11 for your revision. 

There are example questions to practise, some model answers (that are in more detail than you would need to know – remember it is just 3 fully developed points) and the revision pack itself. Don’t forget to work through your checklists and keep on ploughing. 

And remember the SDME is different – based on resource analysis and the essay.

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