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Part of the population unit considers the movement of people to live or work – aka migration. You need to be able to define types of migration, consider push and pull factors, evaluate the positive and negative views on the impacts of migration (both on the host country and the country of origin), and explain how migration might be managed. We look at examples of internal migration (e.g. rural-to-urban) and international migration.


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You need to be able to draw conclusions about populations: consider what overpopulation is, how it links to resources, economic development and sustainability. Then consider how this can be managed. Form an opinion, balance the views, consider the evidence, then state the pros and cons.

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Here are the resources for ageing populations. Remember to link to the population pyramids and demographic transition model (DTM). e.g. an ageing population is more likely in stage 5 of the DTM due to an increase in life expectancy due to improved healthcare and income allowing for healthier elderly populations.

Consider the impact of an ageing population on DEPENDENCY and how this effects the economy of a country. Then consider how this can be managed.

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How can safe drinking water contribute to the cycle of deprivation? Have a look at the image below. Every MEDC on Earth has access to safe drinking water, while many LEDCs do not. Is there a link? Can you become more developed if you do not have safe drinking water? Is it possible to develop a strong economy while your population is drinking contaminated water and getting sick? And which comes first: does safe drinking water lead to improved economies, or does an improved economy and wealth mean that safe drinking water is generated? Chicken and egg. You decide.

It would be worth your while doing some comparative research : look at $GDP per capita for countries along the development continuum and see if there is a link between wealth and access to safe drinking water.

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Here is the introduction to the first lesson. Check you understand the differences between MEDCs and LEDCs and the various criteria used to measure development.

You may well have a question in an exam where you are presented with data and asked to determine how developed it is so be clear about this.

With thanks to Miss Whiting for this ppt.

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